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Dr. V.G Patel holds an Open discussion at Shanti Business School

Shanti Business School holds an Open discussion on Success Mantras – Lessons from high achievers

<p>Dr. V.G Patel, founding Director of EDI and former economic advisor to GIDC, currently chairman of CERC, shared his experience and insights on entrepreneurship at the Open Discussion Series, <strong>Prerna</strong>, at the Shanti Business School, today.&nbsp; He spoke at length on his view of <strong>&ldquo;success mantras&rdquo; </strong>and lessons from high achievers.&nbsp; Every stage of life is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and to gain an experience out of it, he said.&nbsp; Failure is always learning - you learn from it and start taking the challenge head-on. He brought out the fact that India has had planning capability but always struggled to execute its plans.&nbsp; To be a successful &nbsp;entrepreneur there are many elements which are involved; also one person creates an opportunity but, to achieve a project there has to be a combined efforts of experts from respective domains critical to the project.</p> <p>He also focused on what makes a successful entrepreneur. As per a World Research it&rsquo;s not age, religion, caste, family, place, community which determines it but these 13 factors:</p> <ol> <li>Initiative</li> <li>Capitalizing on an opportunity</li> <li>Persistence</li> <li>Information seeking skills</li> <li>Quality commitment</li> <li>Commitment to work</li> <li>Efficiency</li> <li>Systematic Planning</li> <li>Problem Solving capability</li> <li>Self &ndash; Confidence</li> <li>Assertiveness</li> <li>Persuasion</li> <li>Use of Influence Strategies</li> </ol> <p>He concluded the session by sharing the 5 key elements which will not only make you a great entrepreneur but also a person. They are: Work, Family, Health, Friends, and Spirit. All five are equally important if one has to a winner. Quoting a Coca Cola CEO, he said life is juggling the 5 balls - only the Work ball is made of rubber while the others are made of glass and do not bounce back, so be careful!</p> <p>His session was peppered with anecdotal references and advice to the students, amongst which stood out one of respect for their parents.&nbsp;</p> <p>Debjyoti Sarkar, PGDM 2013-15 batch, said after the interaction: &ldquo;I am an aspiring entrepreneur and this talk has been most insightful.&rdquo;</p>

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